Laundry & Kitchen Pack

Laundry & Kitchen Pack

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As with most big brand names that are made in China and imported via New Zealand, our products are Australian Made!

100% satisfaction or your money back.


1 x Pirouette Laundry Liquid - Our high powered yet gentle on fabric laundry liquid. Does not need any boosters or oxy action (caustic soda gimmicks). 500mls is enough for 10 washes!!


1 x Safeguard - Our sanitising soap/detergent, with a gentle yet effective scent that masks even the rankest of odours. Use it in a pump bottle as a antibacterial hand soap, or complete a tub clean on your washing machine. It has 101 uses such as cleaning out and freshening up your wheelie bin or clean and feshen a patio where pets sit. Ideal for commercial kitchens and food processing industries, such as the seafood industry, or for hand washing dishes where skin conditions exist.


All Australian made in Townsville North Queensland.