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Townsville based & Family Owned

Softwash North Queensland is owned and operated by partners, Chris and Leonie who take pride in collaborating with and employing locals to provide:

  • Premium quality concentrate cleaning products (to meet internal and external cleaning needs)

  • Softwash specialist, and

  • External building cleaning and mould removal services



Softwash North Queensland treat and clean driveways, carparks, houses, commercial buildings, roofs, pool areas, sheds, windows, fences, glass pool fencing, and shade sails. 

The business has invested in a specialised solar panel cleaning system whereby tap water is filtered to become de-ionised "pure" water, which is then applied for the safe, spot-free cleaning of solar panels.

What is Softwash?

Softwash is a low-pressure alternative to high-pressure cleaning that is specifically designed to gently kill and remove organic growths and other organic contagions (e.g. mould, Gloeocapsa magma, lichen, dirt, grime, insect nests, and bird/bat poop) from external hard surfaces using bio-degradable soaps and cleansers.

Softwash is suitable for use on multiple surfaces including but not limited to render, brick, timber, fibro, concrete, aggregate, pavers, plastic, aluminium, steel, glass, tile, Colourbond, and asbestos.

Benefits of Softwash

Softwash assists with the preservation of a home or asset's structural integrity and value by maintaining its condition, particularly the condition of the paint. By preventing damage to paint, water and other contaminants cannot enter and begin the process of destroying underlying timbers, etc. 


Removing the cause of surface damage i.e. from mould, bacteria, and/or lichen growth with Softwash is a gentle, effective, relatively quick, and far less messy process than traditional pressure cleaning. 


Note for investment owners: Insurance does not cover damage from mould that is determined to be a maintenance issue.


Premium Quality Cleaning Products

Chris and Leonie began having their Softwash house washing solution produced locally to overcome supply issues for their house washing business. Wanting to open up the same opportunity to other external cleaning businesses experiencing the same difficulty, resulted in the opening of an online store. Softwash soap surfactant, Lemongrass Wash, and citrus-based degreaser detergent, Mauler, were the first products to be made available Australia-wide. 


The store has now expanded to offer a greater range of high-quality, concentrated cleaning products for domestic, as well as commercial cleaning purposes to the general public and industry. The good news is that they really do work!

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