Market Value Increasing

Are you selling your home, or have an open home coming up, and need to make a great impression, as for the Idalia home in these three images? 


Dirty roof! 

Going, going...Gone!

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Value Add


The added value that our customer above received by having her home Softwashed is that she not only received the price that her home is worth but the Gloeocapsa magma that was living on the hard exterior surfaces is now dead and decomposing on the sidelines, and this benefit will be passed on to the new homeowners that will last for months and months and months.


Happy days :-)


Talk about value-adding and paying it forward...

Care For Health & Home

That's not the only reason to go the whole hog!

  • Do you have family or friends from interstate or overseas who are planning to visit you?

  • Do you or people who regularly visit you have terminal health conditions or sensitivities?

  • Are you being a responsible property owner or manager by keeping up with maintenance to sustain your or your clients' assets' integrity and value, and meet terms of insurance?

  • Have you noticed a blanketing shadow of doom threatening to overtake your space, particularly after recent floods?

  • Or do you just want an overhaul so your personal sanctuary looks and feels fresh again? 

Full Service Inclusions


Softwash of:

External house walls - Windows - Entry - Rear Patio / Entertainment area

Eaves - Gutters - Roof - Driveway - Paths

Plus, one or a combination of:

Pool area - Glass pool fencing - Shade sail

Shed - Fence - Garden bed edging - Letterbox - Street guttering

Tennis court if you have one of them too...




Softwash North Queensland provides a complimentary spot-free solar panel clean with every roof wash

Catering to:

Residential - Commercial - Strata