Solar Panel Clean - Before


Maximise intended efficiency!

Dust, vehicle exhaust, bird droppings, and the residue left after rain all contribute to Solar Panels losing up to 35% efficiency.


Watch Mike from RPS Solar Pumps (USA) to understand why rain alone is not enough to clean solar panels.

The solar panels in these before and after images were removed from a shed roof by Bellinger's Electrical Contracting and cleaned by Chris, before he went on to Softwash the roof.

When you look at the first photo, consider how much sunlight would get passed the layer of dust, let alone the bird droppings.

Then notice how the blue of the panel pops after it has been cleaned in the second photo. Noice :-)

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Solar Panel Clean - After

What To Clean With Then?


Soap or chemicals should never be used to clean Solar Panels!

Softwash North Queensland has invested in specialised cleaning equipment, including a filtration unit that produces pure water specific for the gentle, streak-free cleaning of solar panels to remove environmental debris, as seen for the panels on the Bohle Plains home in the image behind this text.


How Often?


In most cases, a 6 monthly or once-a-year clean will maximise your solar panels' productivity, as intended and advertised! At an affordable price, having your panels maintained regularly is worthwhile for their longevity. Just like a roof replacement, solar panel replacement is a costly exercise.


Your Bonus


Softwash North Queensland provides a complimentary spot-free solar panel clean with every roof wash.