Glass Pool Fencing - Cleaned using Lazy Witch Glass Cleaner (Middle)


Needing your 20/20 vision back?

You wouldn't realise it but you are looking at the pool in these pics through glass pool fencing.


Glass pool fencing that we have just finished cleaning using our Lazy Witch Glass Cleaner.

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Glass Pool Fencing - Cleaned Using Lazy Witch Glass Cleaner (Left)

Spray-On - Rinse Off


Our Lazy Witch Glass Cleaner removes the effort usually required to clean the muck off your exterior glass, especially as it reaches behind screens. It is a simple process of spraying an even coating onto the surface, allowing it to sit for a few minutes to penetrate the bird poo, bat droppings, dust, oily handprints, dirty pet marks, etc., and then rinse it off with the garden hose.


As your windows air dry, see a spot-free and crystal-clear finish reveal itself starting from the top of your window down.



Lazy Witch Glass Cleaner was even amazing at assisting with the removal of paint from the edges of the glass on casement windows for a recent house wash customer from West End, QLD. 

The secret is the Nano Technology that works at a molecular level to disband the bonds in physical matter. This softened the paint, making it a quick and easy process to remove.


Your 2 Options

1. Buy our Lazy Witch Glass Cleaner and DIY, or

2. Enlist our services to do the work for you and enjoy your weekend with your family

Affordable Maintenance


Due to the simple nature of this cleaning process, we can offer exterior window cleaning maintenance for domestic and commercial clients at an affordable price.