Roof Wash Tile Before - Gloeocapsa magma infestion present


Woah, is that the same roof?

Short answer...  Yes, it is! 


On arrival to Softwash the tiled roof of the Annandale home in these before and after images, there was no indication that it belonged to the gorgeous peachy hue.


Our Softwash system cleans your roof using low water pressure. So your tiles can breathe a sigh of relief ;-) 

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Roof Wash Tile After - Gloeocapsa magma has been gently removed




Gloeocapsa magma (Gleo) tends to attach itself and colonise on tiled roofs, "greying" their original bright colour, as seen above. Softwash is especially effective for cleaning tiled roofs, as it seems to restore the tiles within a few hours, and water is not forced into places it doesn't need to be. Double bonus - bacteria and damage-free! 




Colourbond roofs are more challenging to clean for three main reasons:

1. The tendency for the Colourbond to oxidize means that colour loss is imminent when it is cleaned.

2. Gleo seems to love Colourbond roofs:


This ancestral bacteria's different structure means a greater number of Softwash applications are usually needed to break through it. Treatment 1 removes the thick outer tar-like coating. Treatment 2 kills any living bacteria still present. Treatment 3 works on any remaining sticky residue. Removal occurs between treatments, during rinsing.


When Gleo is especially stubborn, the final treatment is left on to continue to work. For the greatest results, it is best to leave the final Softwash application on, as it takes time for Gleo to be removed, with its short residual effect being between 12 hours and a few days. During this time, the final treatment kills any remaining residue and the dead remnants are weathered away. This process ensures your Colourbond remains on your roof and not down the gutter!


3. The smooth, non-porous surface of the Colourbond roof material makes it a more dangerous surface to be on!





Our equipment allows us to clean the roofs of single-level homes from ground level. However, ladder access is generally utilised to ensure a precise treatment is achieved. Multi-level homes may find their clean costs greater due to the need to Softwash from hired lifting equipment i.e. cherry picker. We prefer to minimise costs for our customers. Therefore, the Softwashing of two roofs in a day, where a cherry picker is required, means that the hire cost can be shared. Happy days :-)

Time Frame

There is one major factor that contributes to variations in the time it takes to complete a roof clean. Ranging between 3 - 12 hours, it's a matter of how long Gleo has been colonising on the surface. When left alone for a number of years, Gleo, like Mould, attaches itself to the roof's hard surface. For tile roofs, Gleo reaches around the individual grains and dislodges them and the process of corrosion begins as water and other organic debris from the environment is given access to your tile's internal structure.


The image behind this text illustrates the long-term damage to a Colourbond roof belonging to one of our valued Kelso customers. Unfortunate, severe paint damage, whereby the Gleo had caused large pieces of paint to lift and curl away from the roof underneath, meant that this roof also needed to be refurbished. Ouch! ;-(  Thankfully, our Softwash system served as an excellent preparation for this.

Regular maintenance preserves your assets' integrity and thus value while saving you money long-term through an absence of the need for major restorations.