Softwash House Eave Before - Mould & Moth Eggs


From the ground to the gutter!



Mould and moths seem to love them and they look especially amazing once Softwashed! We are like a moth to the light when taking photos of eaves, lol!


Notice the before and after images of this Deeragun home that we Softwashed at the request of the property manager at Live n Invest Real Estate.


In the after pic...the water droplets have no dirt in them, so they dry clear leaving no dirty watermarks! Cha-ching!

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Softwash House Eave After - Clear droplets

At first glance

Many homes we have arrived at look clean, like the beautiful set of units in Rosslea behind this text. It seems that in North Queensland, we have become so accustomed to the grey appearance of dirt and mould, that it is not until we have started Softwashing that the difference becomes apparent and it is on these occasions that our work leaves us feeling awestruck and oddly use Chris's words  :-D


Having said that, we do find occasions where existing paint, surface, and/or structural damage to buildings causes us to feel less than satisfied. This occurs equally as much to rentals as to privately owned dwellings and commercial premises. Even though Softwash has effectively cleaned the exterior's hard surface, damage from bird or bat droppings, scratches, and wear and tear, from use and weather exposure, becomes unmasked revealing what was hidden beneath. Basically, poor or irregular maintenance results in damage!

Did you know?


Insurance does not cover you for mould damage, just as it does not cover you for termite damage. These scenarios are considered maintenance issues? Food for thought...

Think about this... What is the value of the car you drive and how often do you wash it? Weekly? This is a depreciating asset! Your home is your most valuable asset that appreciates, especially when well maintained. Add to this the fact that you may have family or friends that are sensitive or allergic to organic allergens, especially children and the elderly, and that a home is a legacy that parents generally plan to leave to their children in their will. It is a bit of a no-brainer... What are your home and the wellbeing of those you love worth?

Your 3 Softwash Options


External house walls + Windows + Entry + Rear Patio+ Eaves

+ Up to the top of the external side of gutters



Softwash Basic + Driveway + Paths


Softwash Complete + one of the following...

Garden bed edging / Shed / Pool area / Shade sail



While Softwash uses low-pressure, occasions where water may enter a property exist where homes have areas that do not properly seal e.g. Queenslander style buildings, casement style windows, louvers, under and at times around doors. We advise our customers to block off or seal such areas, as much as possible using old towels. Rinsing takes longer than applying, and we make every effort to work carefully, strategically, and quickly around such areas while still supplying our quality service.