Softwash Bundle

Softwash Bundle

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Comprised of both of our original Softwashing products made in Townsville - Softwash surfactant, Lemongrass Wash and degreaser-detergent, Mauler whose pleasant orange scent works well with the lemongrass. 

2x Lemongrass Wash & 1x Mauler 


Both cleaning products are made and tested by Australians, for Australians. Effectively used in Townsville, Ingham, and Ayr on heavy Gloeocapsa magma conditions, the Softwash mixture clung allowing the SH to penetrate.


No watered down, imported gimmicks or copies with these two! They give amazing results, leaving no residue on glass.


Super concentrated: up to 4 times more than the competiton


Your 20L soap tank will need only:

1 - 2L     Lemongrass Wash 

1L           Mauler

Available in 5L quantities, not 3.8L (1 US gal), Lemongrass Wash costs less p/L.


Always in stock, say goodbye to your supply issues!

Your customers are going to be greatful you used our surfactant detergents and so will your bank balance.


Pics displayed are from actual Townsville properties cleaned by Softwash North Queensland

Pack contains 2x Lemongrass Wash and 1x Mauler