Safeguard Antibacterial Wash

Safeguard Antibacterial Wash

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Safeguard is a gentle pH neutral liquid detergent for cleaning anything that needs disinfecting.


It can be used to sanitise items from dirty hands and wheelie bins, to dishwashers, washing machines, boats, and food processing equipment.

Great as a general purpose disinfectant spray and wipe, as well as for handwashing dishes as it gives protection against dermatitis and hand eczema. This makes Safeguard a great choice for situations where hands are in water a lot of the time, such as in the hospitality, hair dressing, nursing, deli, and sea food industries.


Use neat as a disinfectant hand cleaner.



Unlike many santisers, Safeguard has a mild yet refreshing scent, that is pleasant but doesn't make things smell like a hospital or public washroom.


Upgrade to the gentle, non-hazardous, antibacterial, Safeguard today!