Pirouette Laundry Liquid

Pirouette Laundry Liquid

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Remember the days when laundry detergents didn't need to be boosted with excessively priced pre-soakers or oxy action type gimmicks? Ever wonder why you need these now? 


Companies have been diluting products for years, making them weaker. With flashy labels and  increased prices, we have been duped into buying boosters to make up for their dilution strategy.


Well not with Pirouette!!


It is a modern yet highly concentrated luxury liquid laundry detergent, that does not need boosters or gimmicks. Its concentrated power and effective cleaning answers that age old problem of washing clothes effectively, while preserving their quality. Pirouette makes easy work of the toughest of grime.


Use only 40-50mls for a dry load of 5kg
1L is enough for 20 washes

$0.75 per wash !!!!!!


Test it's power!