Lemongrass Wash

Lemongrass Wash

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Lemongrass Wash is Australia's own Softwash Surfactant! It is not an Imported product or a copy of an imported product.


5L & 20L include shipping costs


Highly concentrated, super soft, mild, modern, and bio-degradable, Lemongrass Wash is a surfactant-detergent suitable for all washable surfaces. This product is stable in alkaline and acid-based detergents, as well as in solutions containing sodium hypochlorite (SH) for house washing applications.



100% natural, cold-pressed Lemongrass scent. No refining or additives give the fragrance a stronger, zesty Lemongrass note effective for the masking of SH 


Highly concentrated: 3-4 times that of the imported and copied alternatives meaning you use less, carry less, and transport less!


Contains ingredients determined to be 100% non-hazardous


Surfactant properties make Lemongrass Wash amazing for Softwash applications as it sticks like a gecko, meaning you'll use less SH per wash, saving you more money


Effectively cleans glass leaving no residue


No gimmicks mean you pay for real performance, not a flashy show!


Tested by a Softwasher in Tropical North Queensland, Lemongrass Wash is unaffected by our harshest climate


1.0 - 2L is enough for a 20L soap tank @ PRO Portioner setting: 2.5-3.0 max