Lazy Witch Starter Pack

Lazy Witch Starter Pack

SKU: LWSP500ml
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Our two most popular products by far!!


Lazy Witch Shower Cleaner:  Spray on, leave all day, and rinse off at night. No scrubbing, rubbing, or wiping. Plant-based additives clean as you shower! Re-apply once per month. Mix with water @ 3:1 ratio.


Ideal for hard water and calcium build up, and septic safe 


Lazy Witch Glass Cleaner: For a no-touch, spot-free finish, spray on, leave 5 -15 minutes, and rinse off. Mix with water @ 30:1 ratio. Makes 15L of glass cleaner


Ideal for windows behind security screens


Both are made with the latest in green Nano additives and non-hazardous