Boaties Pack

Boaties Pack

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The Boaties Pack is a winner for anyone living aboard, cruising the world, taking overnight fishing trips, or for those just wanting to keep their vessel clean and protected.


Comprising four of our environmentally friendly cleaners:


1 x Easy Green - a water based cleaner degreaser that can be used on any surface including Perspex,  plastics and glass, without leaving a residue. Highly concentrated and lasts!!


1 x Softwash - Our name sake. A mild, modern, and bio-degradable detergent that dissolves instantly in soft, hard and even salt water, giving clear solution and an effective clean. Non-hazardous, Softwash is kind to the hands and harmless to all washable surfaces.


1 x Safeguard - Great as a general purpose disinfectant spray and wipe, as well as for handwashing dishes as it gives protection against dermatitis and hand eczema. This makes Safeguard a great choice for situations where hands are in water a lot of the time. Onboard your hands are very important, so look after them as much as you can!


1 x THE PINK STUFF - NON TOXIC - Polish brass, stainless steel, chrome, and aluminium with this amazing product. A must for the live aboard or cruiser. Protect your metal parts from corrosion and salt intrusion. Environmentally friendly - Bio-degradable - Endorsed by Naturewatch.


Cruisers and Live aboards

  • Purchase a 5L pack (at least 6 months supply) and recieve 4 x drip-free, leak-free spray bottles at half price. 
  • 20L packs include 4 x drip-free, leak-free spray bottles and 2 extra THE PINK STUFF for free!!