Car Care Pack

Car Care Pack

PriceFrom $85.00
GST Included

This pack contains everything you need to keep your vehicles, boats, or aircraft clean and sparkling.


1 x Shield  Anti-corrosion, touch-free cleaner. Apply, let it penetrate, and rinse off.


1 x Mauler  Degreaser. Industrial strength, yet gentle. Cut through grease and grime on engine bays.


1 x Easy Green  Gentle yet powerful enough to clean wheels, bullbars, bumpers, and even plastic and Perspex. 


1 x Nano Clear  Ethanol based glass and chrome cleaner. Lightly spray on, then wipe off with a chamois for a streak-free, spot-free finish that will turn heads. The final touch in any detail. 


1 x Chamois and 1 spray bottle included!