Ultimate Pack

Ultimate Pack

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Have your entire home sparkling sanitised and spot free with our Ultimate pack.


Highly concentrated, they last. From your car and shed to the bathroom and laundry. Great for home or workplace this pack includes:


1 x Lazy Witch Shower Cleaner


1 x Lazy Witch Glass Cleaner


1 x Nano Clear Glass, Mirror and Chrome Cleaner - Incredible streak-free magic! 


1 x Softwash - Our amazingly gentle all purpose detergent. pH nuetral, bio-degradable & residue free


1 x Safeguard - The amazing all purpose disinfectant. No ammonia or harsh chemicals. Bio-degradable


1 x Pirouette - The ultimate laundry liquid that needs no boosters or additives. Highly concentrated


1 x Easy Green - A mild all surface cleaner degreaser. Effective on walls and floors leaving no residue. Bio-degradable magic! 


1 x Shield - Our anti-corrosion touch-free car wash that keeps working all week!! Watch your car shine


1 x Mauler - Industrial strength and bio-degradable. Based on citrus oils, grease and grime have no chance. Ideal for heavy machinery, workshop floors, and those spills around the shed. 


Includes  x 1 leak-free, drip-free spray bottle and chamois