Updated Product Labels

Customer feedback and rebranding has lead us to update our cleaning product labels.

The elephant served us well when our business began and we were only providing external cleaning services. The elephant symbolised the powerful, yet environmentally friendly nature of our Softwash solution. Now, as a nationwide seller of cleaning products we have adopted the Green Tree Frog to express that we are an Australian owned and operated business, hailing from Far North Queensland where Green Tree Frogs habit. The Green Tree Frog is further symbolic of the environmentally friendly aspect of our cleaning products and services.

There seemed to be some confusion regarding dilution of our products, so we have revised the Directions on most of the products so that they read more easily. Remember that measurements given are a guide. Once you get to know the strength of each product, you will be able to gauge yourself how much you will need for each use.

For your information, we have uploaded the labels into a slideshow in alphabetical order for the following products:

  • Easy Green

  • Launch It!

  • Lazy Witch Glass Cleaner

  • Lazy Witch Shower Cleaner

  • LGW (formerly Lemongrass Wash)

  • Mauler

  • Nano Clear

  • Pirouette

  • Safeguard

  • Shield

  • Softee

Note: Softwash will be discontinued due to lack of response and has not been included.

Click the left or right arrows below to navigate to the product label you're looking for.

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