New Products - Available Soon!

We realise that not everyone has the time to dilute our products themselves. In response, we will be making available convenient 500ml pre-mixed spray bottles for our following existing cleaning products:

  • Easy Green

  • Mauler

  • Safeguard

  • Lazy Witch Glass Cleaner

  • Lazy Witch Shower Cleaner

Easy Green, having so many applications and dilution ratio possibilities, will be available in the following 3 different dilutions:

  • Easy Green Auto - premixed at a ratio of 1:30 for light interior vehicle cleaning

  • Easy Green Home - premixed at a ratio of 1:20 for general cleaning at home

  • Easy Green Medium - premixed at a ratio of 1:5 for medium duty cleaning and degreasing

The next step up from Easy Green Medium is Mauler Heavy Duty premixed at a a ratio of 1:10 for the removal of heavy grease and grime around the garage at home, workshop, or on heavy machinery.

Introducing Brand New Products

  • Lazy Witch Car Cleaner - like Shield but for the ladies ;-)

  • Panel Perfect - a safe cleaner for your solar panels

  • Go Nuts! - a heavy duty hand cleaner for greasy, grimy hands

The labels for all of the cleaning products described have been uploaded for your perusal. For the convenient 500ml spray bottles, a front and back label has been created. The uses, particularly for Easy Green, are well described on the back labels and are supplemented with clear photos. Regular sized labels have been uploaded for Lazy Witch Car Cleaner, Panel Perfect and Go Nuts! as these will be available in our usual 0.5L, 1L, 5L, and 20L concentrate volumes. Go Nuts! will be our only product to date that is available in a 500ml flask, hence the front and back label.

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