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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The literature on health problems linked to the presence of and long-term exposure to mould generally speak about mould growth indoors. Terms mentioned include:

The main consensus seems to be that mould exposure, especially long term, will likely:

  • Trigger symptoms and/or allergic reactions

  • Exacerbate pre-existing conditions

in genetically predisposed people.

Symptoms range from...

  • General weakness and/or tiredness

  • Sinus and/or respiratory issues

  • Higher order thinking problems

Pain appears to be a main accompanying feature!

People more vulnerable to mould exposure include those with:

- Allergies and/or Asthma

- Chronic, obstructive or allergic lung diseases

- Weakened immune systems

- Lyme disease

...Mould can impact the vibrant and healthy...

Within 2 years of moving into her Melbournian apartment, a previously healthy and health conscious 34 year old Australian PE teacher found herself being forced to leave her job due to the severe effects of exposure to toxic mould (2018).

It took a long time

and many misdiagnoses

before the true source of her illness

was uncovered.

Sadly, this is reported repeatedly

in the literature :-(

Videos above & right - Customer's home (Douglas)

Globally, U.S.A's Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker seems to be the leading expert on biotoxin (mould related) toxicity.

He developed the Shoemaker protocol - used to diagnose and treat mould poisoning in humans i.e. CIRS.

CIRS is defined as being a multisystem, multi-symptom illness, and is illustrated by Dr. Shoemaker's CIRS symptom cluster table.

What are your symptoms?

Take the Biotoxin Cluster Questionnaire to find out.

Answering "Yes" to 8 or more questions indicates you may be suffering from a biotoxin illness as a result of mould toxicity.

What to do?

Suggested solutions to managing indoor mould include removing humidity and biotoxins (which mould spores produce) through regular air conditioner servicing and dehumidifier use...

We live in Tropical North Queensland! Humidity is the climatic norm for us!

Our outdoor environment is the perfect breeding ground for mould

We can close our houses up and turn on the air-con. However, what about that black monster lurking just outside your door?

Remember in the previous blog, I mentioned that mould spores (sticky on Black Mould) separate when disturbed?

Every time you walk out to hang your washing, you're walking mould around and back into your house, re-infecting it!!!

Photo - Customer's home (Douglas)

Yukk! ...It's a never-ending vicious cycle!

"At any given time, the same types of [outdoor] spores are found indoors because they enter through doors and windows and on clothing and shoes."

Look after yourself...

Your loved ones...

and visitors to your home!


the mould and other allergens away

Latest external house washing system

Low water pressure

Biodegradable soaps and cleansers

Kill and remove mould and spores

Prevent immediate re-infestation!

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Photo - Customer's home (Rosslea)

Photo - Customer's home (Douglas)

Note: Customer permission is obtained before including photos / videos relating to their homes in any of our publications

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