What Is Your Most Valued Asset?

Updated: Apr 16

Is it your car?

Consider your car's dollar value?



Or, is it your house?

What dollar value does your home hold?


Now consider...

What amount is spent on each

to keep them clean and in top condition?

and how regularly?

Your car gets more attention...


Doesn't seem to make sense, does it?

For less than the monthly repayment on your car, you can restore your prized asset...

Your home!

Photo - Customer's home (Alice River)

Required only once a year...

Photo - Customer's home (Kirwan)

Protect your family home and investment

by killing Mould

and removing it

along with dirt, and other organic pollutants

Photo - Customer's home (Deeragun)

Introducing Softwash

Low water pressure & advanced cleansers

rejuvenate & preserve

your home - investment - business premises

making it a Mould-free

and healthy environment for people and pets

Show your home or business some love...


Softwash North Queensland

For your



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