Is your home a petri dish?

Updated: Feb 26

Biotoxin-related Illness?

Photo above - Customer's home (Kirwan)

"Toxic chemicals

found on spores..."

"...fine or ultra-fine fragments of mould or fungus… able to be released into the air..."

Image above: Black mould

"…I have had a large number of patients with mould exposure and ongoing persistent unexplained illnesses..."

"...There are acute respiratory tract illnesses that the patients I've seen from interstate around Australia and overseas get from being in mould affected buildings..."

Photo - Customer's home (Kirwan)

"...After the initial illness..."

"...they get persistent ongoing inflammatory responses that result in severe illness and fatigue." (Dr Mark Donohoe)

Image above: Mites that feed on mould

Photo - Customer's home (Kirwan)

In 2018 the parliamentary Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care & Sport completed an inquiry into biotoxin-related illnesses in Australia. Their report on the "Possible Health and Social Impacts of Exposure to Mould" explains:

"The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) stated that ‘“biotoxins” is an umbrella term for substances of biological origin, some of which can produce toxic effects in humans.’ Greencap stated that ‘biotoxin is defined as toxins from any biological source’, including animals and plants. MouldLab defined biotoxins as including ‘toxic chemicals found on spores, fine or ultrafine fragments of mould or fungus … that are able to be released into the air’."

Recommendations 3 and 4 from the report are of particular interest:

"Recommendation 3 2.93 The Committee recommends that the Australian Government work with the states and territories to ensure that tenants in rental properties, aged care facilities, and community, social and public housing are provided with timely information about disclosure and rectification of any previous or existing mould and/or water damage issues in a property before entering into a residential leasing agreement.

Recommendation 4 2.94 The Committee recommends that the Australian Government work with states and territories to conduct further research into the adequacy of current building codes and standards related to the prevention and remediation of dampness and mould in buildings."

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Photo - Customer's home (Alice River)

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