Black Mould... What is it?

Updated: Feb 26

Scientific name: Stachybotrys chartarum

Aliases: Black mould / Toxic black mould

Kingdom: Fungi

Say What?

Black mould is a variety of microfungus!

Photo above - Customer's home (Kirwan)

Quick description:

  • Hyphae are the filaments that form the body of a typical fungus

  • Produced at the side or tip of each hyphae, usually, is a type of asexual reproductive spore called conidium or conidia (plural)

  • Black mould conidia form in slime heads...

Aaaaaah... that's why Black mould feels slippery!

NQ's humid tropical climate and environment makes for the perfect Black mould breeding grounds, as its spores will only become airborne when physically disturbed, "especially when wet."

Think children, pets, mowing, gardening & Monsoon season!

Damp environments and building materials can become embedded with excessive amounts of cellulose, molecules plants need to stay firm and robust.

Cellulose feeds mould

Since the 1930's, there have been documented cases of health problems and deaths in animals and humans with direct links to S. chartarum exposure, the most recent being sick building syndrome.

Preventative Measures

  • Routine checkups for mould & other toxins

  • Removal of mould, algae and Gloeocapsa magma (a species of bacteria resembling algae, possibly seen in the first image of this blog) through cleaning such as Soft Wash...

Photo left - Customer's home (Kirwan)

Soft Wash

Kills the mould and other organic irritants / contaminants inhibiting immediate re-infestation

Video - Customer's home (Rosslea)

Developed in the US only 3 years ago and new to Townsville since May 2020, Softwash North Queensland has adopted this amazing system because we've seen it work and want to see it benefit our community

Experienced Soft Wash through us already?

Check out the "Your Feedback" section of our website under the heading "More."

Or... Like to know more?

Call Softwash North Queensland today...

Chris & Leonie are more than happy to discuss Softwash with you further :-)

Note: Customer permission is obtained before including photos / videos relating to their homes in any of our publications

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