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Only the Best

Adopting Softwash, Chris has diverged from the traditional high-pressure cleaning business that he ran successfully 10 years ago when living in Bundaberg, QLD.

Employing a methodical technique, Chris's practical experience, and personable approach is complemented by Leonie's keen eye for detail and digital media know-how.

Years of employment in people-oriented fields mean that both Chris and Leonie share customer-focused professionalism and safe working practices.

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Latest Technology

Time-efficient, Softwash preserves paint and leaves old, thin, and flaking paint intact, resulting in longer life and reduced need to re-paint, unlike traditional high-pressure cleaning! Preserving structural integrity, Softwash is great preparation for repainting, resealing, restaining. Perfect for intricate and delicate areas e.g. balustrades, handrails, and garden edges.

Creates a healthier exterior environment for your favourite humans and animals by minimising allergens that contribute to long-term illness, especially if you have undergone or are about to embark on renovations.

When Chris discovered this, he knew it was the next best thing since sliced bread!


Outstanding Quality

Offsetting the astonishingly effective Softwash is Softwash North Queensland's tendency to go that little bit further...

A job is not finished unless finer details are attended to such as clean bins, letterboxes, underneath handrails, or side paths attached to driveways such as for the Bushland Beach homeowners of the tiled driveway to your right, etc.

Chris and Leonie love experiencing the joy that the feeling of a freshly cleaned home brings to its owners along with the total satisfaction of a job well done.

They can't help themselves :-)