I thought it was just dirt!

That black shadow on the right in the image above is a combination of bacteria and dirt. Yep! Bacteria! Gloeocapsa magma to be exact. Here we see 8 years of growth on the Deeragun driveway above since the home was first built in 2012. Meanwhile, working from the house towards the road, the left side of the driveway has been Softwashed.

Noice :-)

We walk on our driveway and paths every day as we lead our busy lives without thinking about the fact that traces of bacteria are being walked into our homes and onto our tiles and carpet, as it adheres to the underneath of our shoes once we exit our vehicle. Yuk!

Pre-treated for bacteria and grease with our Softwash solution which includes a fungicide and environmentally friendly degreaser, your driveway will beam with renewed colour and brightness following a final high-pressure clean using one of our two roto washers - either Big Boris or Svetlana, "Svetsy" depending on the size of your driveway. In August 2020, we tackled a huge Kirwan driveway that was suffocating under a mass of bacteria and today we still jump for joy as we continue to see it stand out from the crowd whenever we drive past :-) The elderly homeowners were stoked when we completed their clean and their pet doggo seemed to demonstrate this by settling upsidedown on the unsullied surface straight after. Bliss :-)


Brick letterboxes - Path to front door

Combine this with another one of our services and receive a $100 discount.


1. Where a surface is fragile, we will not high-pressure clean, unless we have been engaged to prepare for repainting, resealing, etc.

2. Softwash will clean so well that pre-existing hard surface damage underneath the bacteria will appear clearer or more prominent.

3. Rust and grease stains, especially if heavy or old, will generally not be completely removed by anything, including Softwash.

4. Grease/Oil: Our degreaser does pull up a lot of what is on the surface resulting in a lightened stain area. However, the cleaned area surrounding it will make it seem untouched.