It's all in the name!

Adopting Softwash, Chris has diverged from the traditional high-pressure cleaning business that he ran successfully 10+ years ago when living in Bundaberg, QLD.

Employing a methodical technique, Chris's practical experience, and personable approach is complemented by Leonie's keen eye for detail and digital media and design know-how.


Both partners value a product that is fit for purpose and finished. Hence, whether providing one of their cleaning products or external cleaning services, attention is given to detail and the little things.​

Years of employment in people-oriented fields mean that both Chris and Leonie share customer-focused professionalism and safe working practices.

Softwash in Action

The following video is a demonstration of Chris rinsing our Softwash solution off this 120-year-old Queenslander. The paint is 15 years old and large sections of it had begun peeling off. Our surfactant, which includes our Lemongrass Wash and Mauler, had been penetrating dirt, mould, and other organic contagions for approximately 10 minutes prior to Chris beginning to rinse.

Chris describes the cleaning process as being "oddly satisfying."

Mesmerising, isn't it?

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Lemongrass Wash 5L - Softwash Surfactant
Mauler 5L - Degreaser Detergent
Softwash North Queensland's Cleaning Product Range 500ml
Toyota Hilux Ute Unveiling 1
Toyota Hilux Ute Unveiling 2
Toyota Hilux Ute Unveiling 3


Necessity... How does the saying go? Necessity is the mother of all inventions. This is the backbone upon which Softwash North Queensland was founded.



Chris had been reveling in his truck driving career since moving to Townsville, QLD in 2018. However, when Covid-19 stopped the world in its tracks, the Australian government allowing its citizens to access their superannuation inspired Chris, whose employer had lost his contract, to return to what he knows and to invest in setting up a pressure cleaning business.


In August 2020, 4M Pressure Cleaning was born and Chris, approaching it professionally, investing in quality equipment, a trailer, car and trailer signage, uniforms, and business cards. What did the 4M stand for? Mould, Moths, and Many Months.

Leonie, whose background is in childcare and teaching, with a sprinkling of Visual Art, was studying a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) when she decided that the business would benefit from having two people work on it, instead of just one. Chris loved the idea and welcomed her on board. 

Discovery of Softwash

Utilising YouTube as his source of information regarding changes to the industry since he was last operating in it, Chris discovered an efficient, effective, and gentle external cleaning system called Softwash that had been developed in the USA, being only 3 years old.


After reviewing just a handful of Softwash video demonstrations, Chris, pointing at the computer screen, turned to Leonie and said, "We're doing this!" and so began the process and expense of investing in the Softwash system and cleaning solution. 

Team Work

Chris and Leonie evolved to become a complementary team. When on-site, Leonie would take before, during, and after photos, as well as some video footage, when not needing to assist Chris as TA. This freed Chris's mind and allowed him to concentrate better, refine his process, and complete his work more efficiently.

It was when using Softwash to clean a 120-year-old Queenslander that had been relocated from Sturt St, Townsville, QLD to Alligator Creek, QLD (see video above) that Chris said he became totally convinced about Softwash. Completing this house wash was a heart-warming experience for Chris and Leonie as it was a surprise gift from a husband to his wife. When the husband's wife arrived home from work to see the black mould and other organic mess gone, and the peeling paint still intact, she was completely thrilled. 














Back at home, Chris managed the books, perfected video editing, and managed Facebook posts and advertising. Leonie completed editing and having some experience using Wix developed the website, loving the ability to add original photos and content from their own work and research.


Change of Business Name

In October, after providing the Softwash service for house washing to a few locals, it was obvious that the business name needed to change to better reflect and explain what it the business offers. This expense was added to with the accompanying need to change the car and trailer signage, uniforms, and business cards.

A following period of prosperity was shortly leveled with the impact of Chris breaking his leg and then losing the work vehicle due to a negligent local supplier. It felt like the business was lost! Enter MyUte Rentals - Softwash North Queensland's saving grace from that point on. Chris and Leonie feel forever grateful for their exceptional service and quality vehicles.

A Beautiful Partnership

On 1st January 2021, Softwash North Queensland went from being operated by a sole trader (Chris) to a partnership, operated by Chris and Leonie. Chris was relieved of managing the books by Leonie who bravely took on the task of wrestling with learning the accounting software, Xero. This momentous occasion was quickly dampened as the wet season put the brakes on any Softwash work until around Feb 2021.


The business got going again, however supply issues began interfering. Thankfully, Townsville is home to a manufacturer of quality cleaning products who could supply Softwash North Queensland with its own Softwash solution that was more concentrated and effective than the products previously being used.


Introducing our Online Store for Cleaning Products

Wanting to open up the market for other house washing businesses, the idea of making the business's Softwash solution available to the public began to develop, and Softwash North Queensland's online store was born with Lemongrass Wash and Mauler making their public debut.




The end of April 2021 saw the Softwash manifold begin to fail. Argh! Frustrating! as this cost the business work :-( Throughout May 2021 Chris undertook the task of pulling the Softwash system apart, and after a lengthy and expensive process of elimination, he discovered that the manifold had clogged valves, parts that could only be sourced from the USA.


June was then spent in waiting. However, time was not lost, as frustrated with the original manifold design which did not allow for easy repair, Chris revamped the trailer layout and began re-building the Softwash system to his own specifications, making it more efficient, reliable, and easier to maintain. So, Chris and Leonie consider this period to be a blessing in disguise...

Thankfully, May 2021 was also the time that the business had a windfall thanks to the online store. The selling of Lazy Witch cleaning products was taking off. Leonie developed the labels for 6 more high-quality cleaning products (laundry liquid, dishwashing liquid, spray-on & hose-off car wash, antibacterial wash, multipurpose cleaner, and interior glass cleaner), and with their introduction, this compensated for the lost income while the Softwash unit was out of action. Yes! Relief for Chris and Leonie...bills could continue to be paid :-)













Watch This Space

Fast forward to July 2021, and finally, the business has a new Toyota Hilux single cab Ute on the way to replace the previous work vehicle. Relief! 



Our hero...we have aptly named it "Hiro" (p.s. "5OFT33" is our reference to Softwash).



















Exciting times for Chris and in business and partners in life. The first year of running Softwash North Queensland has been a truly eventful, educational, and totally liberating journey - one that Chris and Leonie feel glad that they have embarked on.


A personal message...

Calyn, of Mike Carney Toyota, only 2 weeks on the job, and his supportive team made the car purchasing experience easy and enjoyable. You are just a few of many people who have helped us on our journey and we would like to acknowledge you all by starting with our very first Softwash customer...thank you to, Praveen, Night Owl Douglas. Equally, thank you to Deb Challenor, our very first online cleaning product purchaser.


We feel eternally grateful and want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our growing network of local and interstate customers, residential and commercial, for utilising our external cleaning services, purchasing our cleaning products, promoting and/or referring us, and providing us with business services to keep us moving forward. Believing your names are worth a mention, and keeping in mind the need to respect privacy, the following list is in no way exhaustive - thank you to:

  • Allan Huriwai: Restoration Projects

  • QBuild - Belgian Gardens State School

  • Anne Musumeci: Donohues

  • George Bell: Tactic Pest Control

  • Tegan & Steve: Somer Automotive

  • Deni Knuth: Roofguard

  • Aloft Services Cairns

  • Adrian Bagent: Just Right Property Management

  • Jax: Signs of Excellence

  • Jayden Evans: Harcourts Kingsberry

  • Jane Gorton

  • Dave & Dahe: Design Works Apparel

  • Grant Broadcasters

  • Darren, Chris & Zane: Rambutan

  • Gary Hansen: The Wet Spot

  • Adrian Baker: Roof Restoration Services

  • Trevor Spary Services Mareeba

  • Live N Invest

  • Richard Semler: Jackson + Semler

  • Matt & Tamara: Bellingers Electrical Contractors

  • Darren Franklin

  • Justin "Juzzy" Turner: Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

  • Leigh Kefford: National PC

  • Greenworks Landscaping and Property Care, VIC

  • Explore Property

  • Tony & Santina: Motor Marine

  • Lisa Hill: Townsville Pool Care & Servicing

  • Glow Visual

  • Jacki Ryan: Joyce Mayne

  • Soren Nannestad: MyUte Rentals

  • Veronica Hollands: Oak Tree Retirement Village

  • Nicky Faulks: Ray White Kirwan

  • Andrew Carter: "RID" Insect Repellent owner

  • Page & Pearce

  • Helen Cotter: Naturally Healthy Clinic

  • Sexology North Queensland

  • Donna Larcom: Northern Exposure Photography

  • Alison Phillips: Ali's Pamper Queen

  • Dianne Elson: Rest Assured Nth Qld, EMF Consultant

  • Rotary Markets

  • Joanne Fitz: Harlo Hairdressing

  • Hope Philip: PCYC Upper Ross

  • Hans J. Preuss: River Sea Kayaking

  • A Clean Approach Housewashing, NSW

  • Ronald Williams: Ron's Plant Farm

  • Kevin Tran: Glazier & local good guy!

A special mention and massive thank you goes to Dennis, we love your work, and to our #1 customer and fan, Evelyne, for her outstanding support of both our external cleaning services and cleaning products. To show her appreciation of our work, Evelyne has nominated us for a Telstra Best of Business Award.

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